Differentiating An Allergic Cough with Other Cough

Can allergies cause a cough? How do we know that the cough we experience is caused by allergies? Basically, an allergic cough happens when the immune system of the body works excessively. So that it attacks undangerous things such as dust or pollen. It is pretty difficult to differentiate whether the cough we experience is an allergic cough or a symptom of cold or influenza. Because those conditions have the same signs, such as sneezing, coughing, and runny nose.

Can allergies cause a coughHow to Differentiate An Allergic Cough with Other Cough?

Cold and flu are caused by viruses and contagious. They usually show additional symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, and pain all over the body. Besides, the symptoms of colds and flu do not last more than 2 weeks. While the symptoms of allergies can last for months, as long as the allergens exist. The allergy itself is caused by the excessive reaction of the immune system in giving resistance to foreign objects that sometimes are not dangerous at all so that the body issues histamine chemicals. This histamine causes the nasal passages to swell and makes people sneeze or cough.

Different from colds and flu, an allergic cough is not contagious. Even though some people have a genetic tendency to have it.

What Causes An Allergic Cough?

The symptoms of an allergic cough will directly appear if people who are suffered from it are exposed to allergic triggers or also known as allergens. The allergens are usually dirt, pollens, spores from molds that grow inside a house, and pets’ fur such as cats’ or dogs’ fur. An allergic cough is usually accompanied by a tickling sensation in the throat. People who are suffered from an allergic cough will cough more often when they are being outdoors, especially when they are exposed to allergens. An allergic cough can also happen to asthma sufferers.

How to Treat An Allergic Cough?

Treating an allergic cough can be done naturally at your house. For example:

1. Consume a cough reliever or warm water. Cough medicines which contain menthol can numb the throat so that it is beneficial in relieving the cough. Moreover, you can also drink warm water with honey to calm your throat.

2. Keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. This can help to keep the mucous membrane moisturized so that you will not easily cough.

Those are the information about can allergies cause a cough.