Coconut Oil for Acne: Yay or Nay?

Does coconut oil help with acne? Coconut oil is getting popular nowadays. This ingredient is often used as a hair mask or treatment for cuticle to get pretty and clean nails. But, some people state that coconut oil is also good for treating acne. Is it true? Remembering that acne is caused by excessive oil, is it helpful against oil with another oil? Well, some experts agree that coconut oil can treat acne while some others disagree. Here is the explanation.

Does coconut oil help with acneReported from Women Health Mag, a cosmetic dermatologist from New York stated that the fatty acids contained in coconut oil have anti-inflammation and antimicrobe characteristics that can fight against bacteria which causes acne. Besides, coconut oil is also powerful in moisturizing skin which is really important in the acne healing process. When you are using coconut oil to treat acne, you will be prevented from dry skin which usually causes acne scars.

However, there are also some experts who mentioned that coconut oil cannot be used as an instant acne medication. In several cases, using too much coconut oil in treating acne will only make it even worse and more severe. But it does not mean that coconut oil cannot be used to treat acne at all. So, you are still able to use this ingredient as a series of acne treatment. The best way to use coconut oil is by using it as a makeup remover. It is because the basic ingredient is oil that can bind sebum and dirt on the face. Oil will absorb dirt from pores and skins will stay nourished well because of the nutrients contained in coconut oil.

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After using coconut oil to remove makeup, do not forget to apply toner to your skin to clean the remaining oil. The experts suggest using virgin coconut oil because it contains a balanced natural fatty acid. So, you can use as a safe and natural moisturizer. Or, you can also use coconut oil that does not contain any fragrance. Because fragrance is one of the common acne triggers. Besides as a makeup remover, you can also use coconut oil to steam your face. Drop one teaspoon of coconut oil into warm water. Steam your face with it and your skin pores will be cleaned. You can also dip a towel in it and place it on your face. So, are you still curious about does coconut oil help with acne?