Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss?

Does wearing a hat cause hair loss? This question frequently asked if discuss baldness. Hair loss can happen due to stress, hormones, age, and even your genes, none of which have anything to do with whether or not you wear a hat.

There are numerous urban myths related to baldness, with people blaming everything from sun exposure to hair styling products because of their thinning hairlines.

One of the most common hair loss myths is that wearing a hat can cause your hair to fall out, resulting in male pattern hair loss.

Like most health-related myths, it is 99% false and only, in some particular circumstances, something you will want to be concerned about.

However, it’s easy to presume that a hat is responsible for your hair loss. A reason people believe hats cause hair loss is that when they take it off at the end of the day that they notice hair left inside the hat. This can be a concern to some, but it’s completely normal to shed on average 100 strands of hair a day, and your hat is just collecting those during the day.

Other men and women who wear hats in an almost daily basis may begin to notice regions of the hair appearing thin.

Why is the hair look appearing thin? It caused by your hat pushing the hair in various directions and creating an area look marginally thinner.

A lot of people feel that wearing a hat can bring about premature baldness. However, there is entirely no scientific research that reveals hats can lead to hair loss. There’s a myth that wearing a hat may cut off the circulation to the hair follicles, but that is very improbable. Unless you’re sporting the world’s tightest hat each day, then it could be a chance. We hope it can answer “does wearing a hat everyday cause baldness?

Hair Loss Causes

The origin of healthy hair growth is within the body. Factors such as stress, diet, and the effects of hormones affect the development of hair and thinning hair on someone.

Among the main types of hair loss is male pattern hair loss — also called androgenic alopecia, something which many guys will experience at some time in their life. It is estimated to affect up to 70% of guys, as well as 40% of girls.

does wearing a hat cause hair lossMale pattern baldness is a result of the hair follicles shrinking as a result of the effects of androgenic hormones. These hormones split down the hair growth cycle and also enhance the growth stage of the hair. However, the shedding phase stays the same.

Additionally, some other factors can lead to hair loss, like a poor diet or bad health habits.

But, these usually cause temporary hair loss.

That’s different whenever your hair follicles are vulnerable to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

It can cause permanent baldness.

So, does wearing a hat all the time cause hair loss or is this just a myth? The truth is that although healthy hair growth starts from inside the body, external damage from styling or out of constant wearing of a tight hat could lead to baldness over time.

How to make hair healthy? If you want to use hat choose a hat that isn’t too tight.

Choose hat made of an excellent breathable cloth.

Keep the hat in clean, and you should take off your hat if you don’t need it.

Protect your hair from the outside, and nourish it on the inside.

If you do that your hair will look thicker and more amazing for more.