How to Treat High Ankle Sprain

High ankle sprain recovery time – Sprain is a type of ligament injury that is caused by torn ligament fibers. Ligament itself is a strong and elastic band which connects bones with bones as well as hold the joints stay in the place. The sprain can also be caused by stretching muscles which exceed normal capacity. This injury usually happens in ankles and knees.

high ankle sprain recovery timeHow Long Does It Take to Recover from Ankle Sprain?

The ankle sprain recovery time depends on how severe the injury is. Generally, you will be able to recover around a week to 2 weeks after the injury happens. You will be able to comfortably use your ankles within 6 weeks to 8 weeks. And you can back to the gym as before within 8 weeks to 12 weeks. In some cases, some people will probably experience continued complaints such as pain, swelling, and instability within months or even years.

Go to the doctor if your sprained ankle does not get any better or the symptoms are even getting worse. The doctor will probably recommend you to an orthopedic specialist for further examinations and therapies.

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How to Treat Sprained Ankles

1. Protect your sprained ankle from further injury by using crutches. You can also use shoes that can support your ankle.

2. Directly stop the activity which causes the injury. Rest your ankle and do not put any heavy loads on your sprained ankle for 48 hours. However, having a sprained ankle does not mean you stop all of your daily productivity at all. For the sake of ease of your daily mobility, your doctor will probably advise you to use crutches.

3. If your sprained ankle is swelling, put a cold compress right on it within 48 hours to 72 hours after the injury for 20 minutes to 30 minutes once in every 2 hours. This will help the swelling. If you use ice cubes to compress your sprained ankle, do not leave it too long in the injured area in order to prevent damaged tissues.

4. Bandage the sprained area in order to limit swelling and too much movement that can cause further damage. You can use an elastic bandage or the one that is made from neoprene. You can buy it in drugstores. Take the bandage off before you go to bed.

Those are the information about how to treat sprained ankle and high ankle sprain recovery time.