The Way to Increase Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Inflammatory breast cancer is a very aggressive disease and considered as a deadly disease. The condition happens when there are cancer cells block your lymph vessels in the skin of the breast. The common sign is that your breast looks swollen and red or in inflamed condition. Due to the aggressive level, people are asking about inflammatory breast cancer survival rates. Just read the information below to understand it well.

The Survival Rates of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

There are several things which determine the survival rate. The doctor will check the stage of cancer, tumor grade, features of cancer, and the treatment you are about to receive. Then, the doctor will determine the median of the inflammatory breast cancer survival rates. The median means that half of the women with inflammatory breast cancer can live longer or shorter. Let say, the median survival rate for women who are suffered from stage III inflammatory breast cancer is 57 months. If the women are suffered from stage IV at least the can survive for 21 months.

inflammatory breast cancer survival ratesThings to Know about Survival Rates

The inflammatory breast cancer survival rate above is only a midpoint. Along with the best cancer treatments, the survival rate is higher than in the past. The main point is because the doctors have learned how to treat inflammatory breast cancer effectively and accurately so the chance to free from this deadly disease is also higher than before.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Treatments

The way to increase the level of survival rate is by taking the best treatment based on your condition. There are several treatments you can take to kill the cancer cells. Your doctor asks you to take Neoadjuvant chemotherapy. This treatment is given before surgery along with specific drugs, especially 4 to 6 months before tumor removal surgery. You can also take a targeted therapy in which the function is to target the HER2 protein. Specific treatments such as hormone therapy and radiation therapy are also possible to do based on the breast cancer condition.

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The point is that you must know the stage of your inflammatory breast cancer first. Each of the stages has different treatment. Then, follow the instruction from the doctor step by step. It might be hard but by following all instructions from the doctor you can increase your inflammatory breast cancer survival rates. The best achievement is, of course, you can free from the disease and get your normal life back.