The Causes, Solutions, and Exercises of Lower Back Pain in the Morning

Some of you might be suffered from lower back pain in the morning. Don’t underestimate this condition and treat it right away. Before treating the lower back pain, it is important to know the causes and symptoms. Then, you also need to find out the best and the most comfortable way to treat lower back pain.

lower back pain in the morningThe Causes of Lower Back Pain

Generally, there are several causes of lower back pain. So, what are the causes if you are suffered from it in the morning? You must check your sleeping position first. There is a possibility that your sleeping position is wrong. Because of the wrong sleeping position, it gives pressure in the spine and flattens your natural curve. Moreover, the position triggers back strain and pressure in your joints. If it is happening all the time, you will be suffered from lower back pain when you wake up in the morning. If it is not about your sleeping position, the cause can be the mattress. Just take note that not all types of mattress suitable for you and your body. Pregnant women often also suffered from lower back pain

The Solution to Prevent the Causes

There are also several ways to prevent lower back pain in the morning and the solution depends on the cause of the problem. Let say, you are suffered from lower back pain because of the wrong sleeping position. In this case, you just need to learn the best sleeping position to prevent lower back pain. You must change your mattress if you think that the old mattress is the cause of the problem. For your information, a specific study said that you have to change your mattress for at least every 9 years. Moreover, you must choose a mattress suitable for your sleeping position. For a pregnant mother who is suffered from lower back pain, just stretching and using your legs to stand up. Try not to give pressure on your back.

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Simple Lower Back Pain Treatment

You can do some simple lower back pain treatments to reduce the pain or keep you away from it. For example, you can do stretching in the bed such as reaching your arms up above your head while lying on your back. Try to do it as fast as you can. Plank is a popular exercise and one of the health benefits is to prevent you from lower back pain problem. Try to hold your plank position for 30 seconds and repeat for a few times. To get more than just a solution for lower back pain in the morning, you can take a Yoga class. One of the positions which can cure your back pain is mini-cobra.